Florida Trail Stompers is the leading off-roading club in the state of Florida. We ride all the time! If you don't see a ride that fits your needs, be sure to message an Admin on our Facebook page.

We will be happy to schedule an impromptu ride for you today.

For more information on one of the below Events, please send an email and we will answer right away.

December 5th @ 10am

Stompin' At Richloam

December 5th @ 10am

Stompin' At Hard Rock

December 5th - 6th @ 8am

Stompin' At Spyder Offroad

December 9th @ 9:30am

Mid-Week Croom Stompin'

December 11th @ 7pm

Stompin' The Citrus Night

December 12th @ 10am

Stompin' At Richloam

December 12th @ 10:30am

FTS Drive By

December 13th @ 4:00pm

Stompin' and Grubbin' - Circle S BBQ - Hudson

December 19th @ 10:00am

Stompin' and Truckin'

December 19th @ 5:00pm

Richloam Night Stompin'

December 20th @ 7:30am

Wreaths Across America


January 1st @ 10:00pm

Stompin' The New Year 

January 8th - 10th @ 6:00am

Stompin' At Blackwater River

(Camping Available) 

January 15th - 17th @ 3:00pm

Lady Stompers Invade Citrus 

(Camping Available)

January 22nd - 24th @ 4:00pm

Stompin' At Ol' Florida Jeep & Offroad 

February 12th -13th @ 9:00am

Stompin' At Beasley Knob 


March 6th @ 10:00am

Stompin' With Canines In Richloam

March 12th - 14th @ 8:00am

Stompin' In Tate's Hell

(Camping Available)

February 26th - 28th @ 9:00am

Stompin' At Judd

April 9th - 12th @ 9am

Stompin' At Dickie Bell

(North Carolina)

April 19th - 25th @ 10:00am

Stompin' At Jeep Beach

May 12th - 15th @ 12:00pm

Stompin' At Florida Jeep Jam

July 16th - 26th @ 9am

Stompin' At Moab


November 11th - 13th @ 9:00am

Stomp The Rock 2021


December 3rd - 10th @ 6:00am

Stompin' In Virginia