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Off-roading program

Spending time outdoors and in nature can be of great value for Veterans and service members in transition.

FTS is proud to announce our Veterans Off-Roading Program.  This program will be of important value

to our members through outdoor recreation in the following areas:

Social reconnection

General outlook on life

Life-Improving change

Inner peace/Psychological healing

Processing and reflection

2021 Veterans Off-Roading Program.png

The VOR Program supports Veterans and service members in readjusting to life after deployments and service. Through off-roading courses and expeditions, Veterans build resilience, learn teamwork, and practice leadership through outdoor activities.

These adventures are offered at no cost.

"Supporting Veterans, One Trail At A Time."

When an FTS Member who is referred to as a "Stomper" is a Veteran, or even a current Member of the Armed Forces, they can get involved with the VOR Program. While being part of another special type of group like being in the military, Members of the VOR Program can carry a unique name, "Veterans Trail Riders."


If you would like to purchase these two logos as decals, please visit the Trail Shop.

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