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“Best Practices to Capture Your Trail Ride Memories”

You bought the Jeep. You did a few upgrades maybe a lift and new tires. You planned an adventure with Florida Trail Stompers and now it’s time to hit the trail. How do you capture all the great memories? Really the options are endless. Whether you have a GoPro camera, a smartphone camera, tablet or a traditional camera, you are ready to acquire unlimited breath taking still shots or videos.

Before you embark on documenting your trail ride, there are few tips that can be incorporated that will help you construct amazing still shots and videos. These tips are just the beginning to creating lasting memories for you and the community of Jeep enthusiasts. Having your essentials such as charged batteries and empty memory cards ready is step one, what’s next?

A great photo or video tells a story. A visual story with all the components; an opening, a storyline and an end. The camerawork becomes the writing on the page. You become a documentary photographer as you share your Jeep adventures.

Using a GoPro

Camera angles are a great way to advance your videos. Get creative and mount a GoPro camera on your Jeep to get those wild shots of the mud spinning from around the tires, or from a side view mirror to see the branches coming into frame.

Take a walk around your Jeep and think about attachment points for your GoPro. Attaching a GoPro inside your vehicle to record the driver or passenger adds to the storyline of the documented ride.

Keep in mind, you will need to find different types of mounts to fit where you plan to attach your camera. Mounts can range from suction cup mounts that can go on the hood, side of the Jeep, or even the back to the types that can wrap around your side steps. For photography, the same principle for angles will work. Get those low-angle shots of Jeeps crawling to the top of a hill, or coming down a slope.