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Go West, Young Man

In January of 2001, I took those famous words, "go west, young man" to heart. Horace Greeley, an American author is sometimes credited as having said that. I had moved from Tampa, Florida to Los Angeles, CA. I did it in a 1995 Honda Civic. But this is where 20 years

later, the story is jaw dropping. I had previously owned a 2000 Jeep Wrangler Sahara and sold it for the car. I had vowed driving across this great nation of ours in a Jeep would be a stupid idea. Boy, what did I know...

This Summer, I and many others are preparing for a trip, that my club, Florida Trail Stompers is hosting. We will be heading out West to Moab, Utah. I and others are excited at the rewards we will benefit from. Excitement. Adventure. Challenges. Self-growth. Jeep Badges of Honor. Friendships made. Memories that will last forever.