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Long Distance Trail Riding

In Florida we have the Wildlife Management Areas, National Forests and then there are a hand full of private off-road parks. Where do you like to ride? I personally am close to Citrus WMA and it has become a popular spot, not with just FTS, but other off-roading clubs. There are times you go out and it can be empty, then there are times you go out and it feels like you are driving down a street in New York City. But what is outside of Florida?

I've only been to a couple places out of Florida. As of this writing, my "go-to" place is Windrock Park in Oliver Springs, Tennessee. Windrock is located in the Appalachian Mountains, in between the Blue Ridge and Cumberland Plateau.

Established in 1872, the Coal Creek Company currently owns the 72,000 acres on which Windrock Park operates. All the trails accommodate (more than 300 miles worth) all types of vehicles from ATV's, SxS's to dirt bikes, mountain bikes, buggies, Jeeps and trucks.

The Jeep Badge of Honor Program currently offers three Badge trails. Trail 26 you can go up or down a creek bed. Both times I have been in the Fall and the creek bed was dried up. Recently I've seen pix of it where the water is flowing.